Staff at Prestige Pre-owned Inc.

Christoper Cotran – CEO/President


President – Christopher brings 22 plus years of car expertise to our clients. His co-workers call him the Car Whisperer, due to his unmatched ability to find excellent solutions to your car needs. Christopher is a rare find and makes the Prestige Advantage exactly that – a great advantage!

George Allen – VP Of Sales & General Manager


VP of Sales & General Manager – George has 38 years of car industry expertise. With almost 30 of his years with BMW, he has always been a top industry performer, focusing on addressing customer needs as a priority. Looking for a win-win approach to situations has been the key to his success!

Anthony Laden – Sales & Finance Manager


Anthony brings to Prestige Pre-owned, a great smile and attitude with an uncanny ability to help customers. With his numerous wonderful reviews, you quickly see why people love him. Right from the beginning, customers feel his friendly approach. Anthony says they start as customers but become friends.